words can bring life. words can destroy. words here are for bringing life. this world needs your life- and all you bring to the table. we're here for the metaphorical sowing of seeds and bringing food to satisfy hunger. we're here for encouraging you, and challenging you. we're here for loving and serving God through loving and serving you. fervently praying that right now He speaks directly to your soul through words here, with EXACTLY what you need!

life can be tough

there's hope. He uses it all.

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when something is life changing

What if you found out a friend fully paid off your entire mortgage? You’d be so jaw-dropped, compelled to tell everyone, even just someone, right? And be beyond thankful, devoted, and amazed by this friend? 

God has done that for us- well- not with our mortgage- but with our life. His love is compelling... LIFE CHANGING. What would anyone with life changing news would do… unapologetically, boldly, and lovingly share it! We don't want you missing out!

We’re praying your soul is encouraged and appetite is challenged, and both soul and appetite become stronger for the One who carefully designed you! There’s no one who could ever love you more than Him! Because of that love, He speaks!

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it doesn't stop here...

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