Closing the Home Boutique + Online Store


Some try separating their faith from their business. I have not found a way to do that. Nor do I want to. Ha! And I hope you guys know that! So of course this message will be fully intertwined with faith (and not a pushy one- but a heartfelt one). So if you’ve ever been in Mantled Home you’ll want to read this entirely so you don’t miss out! 

They say faith is believing without seeing. I’ll take it a step (pun intended) a step further. Faith is believing and taking a step without seeing the ground under your feet. If you see the ground when you step you have faith in your eyes and the ground— discrediting it as faith. Stepping without seeing the ground under your feet is true faith.

Running the shop has been difficult. I can go on and on with difficulties. But I don’t run that way. I stick to perseverance and persistence when toughness is involved. Especially when it’s something I feel God has called me to lead. He never said things He calls us to would be easy. He actually said in this world we will have trouble. So it’s not the difficulty that’s shining through here. I’ve had faith in God with the shop… running it without seeing the ground under my feet. And now He’s asking me to do that again- but in a different way. 

We are taking a step in faith without seeing the ground under our feet, and Mantled Home is closing it's Home Boutique + Online Store. This Friday and Saturday will be the last two days we will be open in-person and online. We have no ground under our feet for what is next. I fully believe He has not yet revealed that for a purpose. To test our faith. He never wants us to jump off cliffs so to speak and expect angels to catch us. That’s not what this is. He wants obedience when He speaks. He spoke and said Feb 25th is it! 

The shop has served an AMAZING purpose. It has blessed me and my family in so many ways. So many of you have told me how it has blessed you. Hearing the phrases “there’s just something about this place” “when I walk in it just feels good” “I like being in here and I don’t even like shopping” “wow this place is so peaceful”so on and so on. That’s beyond me- that’s the Lord’s blessing and presence on this place! Thank you Lord. And now He’s asking me to take a step without seeing the ground under my feet. And the thing is- I don’t have to understand or have a plan- I just have to do it.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store. Closing a store is tough- but waiting to see what He has in store is beautiful! Thank you for each of your beautiful faces and souls and friendship and dedication and support and prayers and love- you each mean so so incredibly much to us! Stop in on the 24th or 25th and say hello!

I also want to add here… closing is not failure. This is His plan. His timing. His word. He’s wanting an example of faith. Not faith in me, my vision, the ground. Not faith in the things to come. Faith and obedience don’t always bring blessings. He does say He blesses us, but we shouldn’t do it because we want a blessing. We should do it because we just want God, whatever He wants, and to honor and show Him off. Closing this shop isn’t a fail- it’s a blessing, an honor, an opportunity, a stepping stone to whatever is next. 

I think of it like this… Sometimes holding out on something is preventing someone else from doing the next thing they need to do. Think about teeth. Sometimes a baby tooth has to be pulled so a permanent tooth can come on in. Without the baby tooth gone, a permanent tooth is blocked, or it can align improperly and can cause severe dental issues and costs. A removed baby tooth is a good thing, right?? Of course! And a closed shop can be a good thing, for me, my family, for Janae, for the physical shop building, for so many ripples that we have yet to know about. I’m excited to see what permanent teeth are coming in behind! 

I pray this sparks something in you. I pray God shows off through whatever He is doing here and shows off through each and every person this message reaches!! Keep your ears, mind, and eyes open to what He’s saying and then step in faith without seeing the ground under your feet- even when He doesn’t give you all the details! Love you guys! Here’s to stepping!! See you Friday Feb 24 10-5pm & Feb 25 10-4pm! 

Praying for you with so much love,
Jennifer & Lewis!!


This is a closing like we’ve never heard or seen.
It’s not one that notifies customers months in advance.
Not one that progressively increases % off sales each week.
It’s not a somber closing.
It’s not a failure closing.
It’s not one with future plans set out.
It’s not a retirement haha!
It’s not closing because it can’t pay bills.
It’s not a liquidation.
It’s not one that says this was all just too much.
It’s not closing because something better came along.
This closing is JUST different. And. Different is good! Ha!
We are excited about these NEXT STEPS!

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