give yourself grace

What’s easy? Seeing yourself based on how others see you.
Recently I realized two people can view a trait of yours in opposite ways. Ever thought about this? One person could see this trait as defective, negative, something you need to eliminate or fix. Another person who maybe knows you better, your heart, motives could see this trait as one of their favorite qualities about you. Interesting, huh? Think about it. Is that relatable for you? Is for me.
What someone sees as impatience, someone else sees as passion, devotion, proactiveness, a go-getter. What someone sees as too lenient & too kind, someone else sees as full of grace, compassion, & empathy.
What if we ran our whole lives hanging on to that first person’s view? Thinking we needed to extinguish that trait? I mean, of course any trait used in the wrong way can be negative. But that’s not what I mean. You were designed with the traits and qualities that make you you for a reason. They are there for a purpose. So you can accomplish the jobs set out for you and run your race.
So if two people can see the same trait in opposite ways, we really can’t solely base our own self image on anyone else’s perspective. Too shaky. You need truth. If you’re a believer, ask God to reveal the truth to you. If your traits need refining or extinguishing, He will let you know and help you get there. Otherwise give yourself some grace and don’t hang on too tightly to how others say they see you.
What’s a little more difficult, but worth it? Give yourself some grace and see yourself as the beautiful person God created, sees, and unconditionally loves. Work on it if need be, and then use that trait to the fullest. There’s only one you. ❤️❤️❤️

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