if nothing ever changed

Easy to say. Difficult to execute. Easy especially when you’re thinking visually about an icky, squishy caterpillar and a delicate, precious, beautiful butterfly. But what about the real and raw and hard things?
What things need to change in your life? What things are a little terrifying to let go of? What things are scary to begin?
Absolutely, change can be scary. Part of change is like driving on a long trip to a place you’ve never been before… the unknown is the unknown. How do you get there? How long will it take? What will you encounter on the way? Feels like an eternity because it’s the unknown. But going the 2nd time always is easier- why? Because you’ve been there before and it’s no longer unknown.
Change is all around us. We can see it positively…. or not. Maybe there is something delicate and precious and beautiful in this change? Maybe this change gets you out of icky?
What changes are you thinking about?

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