iron sharpens iron

[Iron sharpens iron] Surround yourself with those who sharpen you, inspire you, and support you. Who sharpens you??
If you are a woman business owner, keep reading! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
You fully know being a business owner is not for the faint of heart- especially when you also are trying to rock the roles of follower of jesus, wife, mom, friend, daughter, etc. You LOVE being a business owner [most days 😂 am I right? haha!]. You know what you do is rewarding and where you need to be, but at times, deep down, do you feel a little burned out, overwhelmed, and maybe a little bit alone?
How encouraging would it be, or even refreshing and inspiring would it be, to be a part of a small group of women who are in “similar canoes” as you, who come together regularly to meet and recharge? 🔋🔌🌿🪴❤️
⛔️What you won’t see this as ➡️ another thing to add to your already full list of to-do’s.
🙌🏻But instead ➡️ an intentional time that you truly and eagerly look forward to and block the calendar for
Specific details are still being worked out. What I do know is that if you are feeling any of this ⬆️, and would love to be a part of a supportive, encouraging, uplifting group of christian women in business, you send us a message or comment below with “I need this in my life” right now.
It will be so much fun, so uplifting, encouraging, and a group you can count on.
I cannot wait to see how this unfolds and see what is in store for you.
Now— comment or message so we can get this thing going!
XO! ~Jennifer

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