keep on keepin on

Sometimes life stinks. Sometimes life is stressful… confusing… sad… or not what you were going for.
Have you ever built something before? Anything? When I’m building something, I like to figure out ALLL the details and plan and plot and try to think through all scenarios of how I can make it the very best, how it could go wrong or things I could forget, or all the ‘if then’ things. And all of that is good and okay. But it’s not okay when it’s crippling or stops progress.
Sometimes we need to stop thinking sooo hard about “all the things” and just do the right thing right in front of us. Even if it’s tiny. Or maybe it’s a huge jump. Either way… Just keep on keepin’ on. Before we know it we will turn around and realize since we kept on keeping on we made pretty great progress.
The time will pass either way. You might as well use the time to keep on keepin’ on and make that progress. Slow down, take a break, think about the “if thens” - that’s okay- and maybe in that time you discover you need to take the off ramp and go a different direction or maybe you need to build something different, but whatever you discover, don’t let it cripple you or stop you from progressing.
You’ve got this! Keep on keepin’ on! Even if it’s baby steps!!

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