smell the flowers

Is there a book somewhere that has collected all kinds of sayings? I want that book. I want it to give a brief history on the saying (date, author, meaning, backstory).
I want a backstory on “smell the flowers”.
It’s so cliche now, but it’s only cliche because it’s good.
To smell the flowers, you first must have eyes open looking for flowers. Be observant. Take notice. See the flowers, and then don’t just say those are nice. Make the move and smell them. Enjoy their purpose of beauty, fragrance, encouragement, and so on.
And then apply that to someone you know.
Take notice of them. Be observant. And don’t just say hello and move on. See what they are about, and what their strengths are. Then acknowledge those strengths— okay, don’t take a whiff of them 😅- I mean sincerely tell them you notice them.
Or maybe you need to do this internally for yourself...
Take notice of some things in your life. can you see them as flowers instead of crummy weeds? is there something beautiful about "it" even though it may not look that beautiful on the surface? is there something fragrant about "it" even though it may not have the greatest scent on the surface. try and smell the flowers instead of seeing them as weeds.
Smell the flowers. Build others up. See things in a positive light.
Comment with any history of this saying. And I’d love to know if a book like that exists!!

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