use your gifts

Things that come naturally to you. Or things that have taken some elbow grease. Things you can do more easily or more quickly than others.
What are your gifts?
When a pebble sits on the side of the lake it only connects with the other pebbles it’s touching. When a pebble skips across the lake or is tossed into the lake, that once very still pebble creates ripples. And then in the process of it, stirs up the water and indirectly touches all the other rocks along the bank.
Use your gifts. Even if what you do doesn’t directly “touch the bank”. Even if what you do “just” makes a rippling effect and something else is really what takes off and “touches the bank”. Without you using your gifts other things can’t get where they need to be. And you might just be surprised at what comes of the “skipping/tossing.”
What gifts can you use today?

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