watch things grow

watch things grow. gosh that sounds like a nice thing to say, but lands... that's the same as watching paint dry. who has time for that. or wants to do that. nobody.
the fun thing about growth is that when you watch it so closely, you can't see it. but step away for a bit, and wow. i notice this in the summer with crops in the field. you leave for vacation and come back and the corn seems 3 feet taller. anyone else notice that?
if not- you can definitely see it in children. see a friend's kiddo once every few months and they look like a whole new person the next time you see them, but i'm sure to that selfless human cleaning up after that kiddo every day isn't noticing that daily growth.
and it's just like the first day of spring yesterday... winter seems to drag on and on when we are constantly looking at something we don't have. but one day we wake up and spring is here.
sometimes we need to back off the observation of growth. let's watch it, but not obsess over it.
shoot for growth, but quit starring at it. and observing it under such a high powered microscope.
i think God wishes we would think this way. there could be a reason things aren't instantly where you want them. if it takes more than an instant for a flower to pop up, spread open, and bloom... then how much more time should it take for things in our lives to pop up, spread open, and bloom?
are there things you wish would just move along more quickly? that's great, but don't obsess over it, be excited to move forward, be content with each day, see the purpose in it, and i think you'll one day turn around and say whoa!

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