NOV & DEC HOURS: Thursdays & Fridays 10-5pm and Saturdays 10-4pm.

Our Mission

What's our "why"? You. Yes. Absolutely you. Our clients and customers.

We believe everyone deserves a space that is tailored to fit his or her needs, budget, and style. A space that helps him or her do what he or she does best. A space that is aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic.

Equally, we believe we are here to serve. We believe we are here to use our gifts given and education learned to serve others in the design world, by listening and in turn, creating.

J. McCrystal Design [our parent company] has graciously served Owensboro and the surrounding western Kentucky region since 2015. And it is continuing to reinvest in the community and beyond by adding two new jewels to it's crown: Mantled Home [your home boutique + studio] and Branch & Field [your workplace furniture dealership].

"So where does your name Mantled Home come from?" 

It comes back to the definition of Mantle. No, not the fireplace mantel, but mantle, with a T-L-E. Mantle, it's what you pass on. Everyone chooses their mantles in life. Their focus, their values, their priorities. You pass on a mantle in the way you invite and care for company into your home. You pass on a mantle in the way you raise kids. You pass on a mantle when you take care of an elderly parent. You pass on a mantle when you open a door for a stranger. You pass on a mantle when you speak kindly and stand up for others.

You are continuously showing others your mantle. It's our duty and responsibility to choose our mantles. We want to be encouragers, encouraging others to be mindful of their mantles, to choose their focus, to choose their values, and choose their priorities. No one will ever be perfect, and there will always be chaos in this world, but no matter what else is going on in this world, we want to make it a better place. We don't "just" design. And we don't "just" sell product. We serve you by helping you create a Mantled Home. A space where others can flourish.

Our mission comes back to: we believe that now, more than ever, we need to focus on the spaces we are in. We need to invest in these spaces and be present. These spaces pave the way for opportunity, relationships, engagement, paths, and all things in life. We want to start a movement. A movement of being present, of keeping an open mind, to slow down, to find common ground, to choose how we act, to learn from the past, and to say we'll try again tomorrow. Our mission at Mantled Home is: Let's vow to sow more good.

We understand that everyone's needs differ- whether they need a designer or just a place to find quality, tasteful, & unique product, whether the project is at home or in the workplace, whether it's a quick timeline or a phased project. We saw these varying needs and in turn created sister stores for the home and for the workplace. No matter the space, and no matter the capacity, we are here to serve. We are here to help you flourish. Deep down, all in all, let's vow to sow more good. 

Want to know more? Just reach out.